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1 of 3 Stickers Unlocked—Army
1 of 3 Stickers Unlocked—Balls
1 of 3 Stickers Unlocked—Cat
1 of 3 Stickers Unlocked—Hat
1 of 3 Stickers Unlocked—Pizza
1 of 3 Stickers Unlocked—Star
2 of 3 Stickers Unlocked—A
2 of 3 Stickers Unlocked—Bat
2 of 3 Stickers Unlocked—Dad
2 of 3 Stickers Unlocked—OB
2 of 3 Stickers Unlocked—Pub
2 of 3 Stickers Unlocked—VM
22Champs—11oz Mug—Mug of Champs22Champs—11oz Mug—Mug of Champs
Sold out22Champs—Hoodie—MKxZL—Blk22Champs—Hoodie—MKxZL—Blk
Sold out22Champs—Skate Deck22Champs—Skate Deck
22Champs—Tee—Royal Blue—optBack22Champs—Tee—Royal Blue—optBack
22Champs—Zip Hoodie—Blk22Champs—Zip Hoodie—Blk
3 of 3 Stickers Unlocked—L
3 of 3 Stickers Unlocked—Last
3 of 3 Stickers Unlocked—Ramen
3 of 3 Stickers Unlocked—Scarlet
3 of 3 Stickers Unlocked—VG
3 of 3 Stickers Unlocked—Z
49 23-24—Crewsweater—Blk49 23-24—Crewsweater—Blk
49 23-24—Crewsweater—Red49 23-24—Crewsweater—Red
49 23-24—Hoodie—Blk49 23-24—Hoodie—Blk
49 23-24—Hoodie—Red49 23-24—Hoodie—Red
49 23-24—Sticker—Roster
49 23-24—Stripes Pint Glass49 23-24—Stripes Pint Glass
49 23-24—Tee—Athletic Heather—optFront49 23-24—Tee—Athletic Heather—optFront
49 23-24—Tee—Blk—optBack49 23-24—Tee—Blk—optBack
49 23-24—Tee—Blk—optFront49 23-24—Tee—Blk—optFront
Sold out49 23-24—Tee—Red—optBack49 23-24—Tee—Red—optBack
49 23-24—Tee—Red—optFront49 23-24—Tee—Red—optFront
Sold out49—Crewsweater—Blk49—Crewsweater—Blk
1 pcs left
49—Hoodie—Blk Sale price$84.99
1 pcs left
49—Hoodie—Red Sale price$84.99
1 pcs left
49—Tee—Blk Sale price$42.99
B&G—11oz Mug—Kings CupB&G—11oz Mug—Kings Cup
B&G—11oz Mug—Stay GoldenB&G—11oz Mug—Stay Golden
B&G—Art Posters—BeamB&G—Art Posters—Beam
B&G—Art Posters—GoldenB&G—Art Posters—Golden

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About the Artist

BC is a multidisciplinary artist based in California. Growing up in Asia exposed BC to both Western cartoons and Eastern anime, cultivating a deep-rooted passion for character design, vinyl figures, collectibles, and diverse aesthetics. Zeeb Labs is the vessel in which he gets to experiement and reimagine the icons worldwide. Combining my passion and design into one. Currently BC is based in the Bay Area, California.